In social studies, we always watch cnn student news to just learn about learn about what the world is doing right now. My favorite cnn news story was the World Cup because I love soccer and also the World Cup. Right when it showed the World Cup, I was just into it. At the end of CNN news, we have three round rule conversations. The three round rule conversation is basically me speaking then your partner then me then your partner then me then your partner. So in all we have three rounds per person. We always have three round rule conversations becuase it stretches our thinking and we focus on one topic. Since this is a daily routine, we are improving. My favorite chapter was chapter three, From Hunters and Gatherers To Farmers. It was easy to understand and it was also the most fun.
Our ISN's were easy because we had to draw and I like to draw. I wish we could do that chapter again. Social Studies is where we are learning to make the world a better place. That's why we study in our text books because we can learn more about the worlds history. I think this is a important class. Everyone was alive because they had a purpose to make the world a better place. "To they whom much has been given, much is expected". That means we are already given all that we needed but some other people aren't given as much as us. Think about all what you have, a house, family, food, water, and even more. But what about others. "Hey you, be the change". This means that YOU should be the change. YOU should change the world to be a better place. " Climb your own Everest". In the beginning of the year we watched a video of a group of blind kids traveling up to Mount Everest with professional
mountain climbers. Now I'm pretty sure that you and I couldn't travel up Mount Everest. But these kids climbed their own Everest. They were out of their comfort zones. Why don't all of us climb our own Everest to reach our goal.