What did you enjoy most about the H2O Heroes unit? I enjoyed working with a team. I got to learn more about the kids in my homeroom, what their ideas where, what they liked to do, etc.
What were your biggest challenges during the H2O Heroes Unit? My biggest challenge was communicating. My team had a hard time on the first few missions communicating outside of school (text, email, phone, etc.) because we had a lot of after school activities which prevented us from having time to talk about the project. Also sometimes we had a hard time sharing our ideas in class because we kept talking over one another which made it hard to communicate, but we got through it and ended up with a great product.
What were three important things you have learned about yourself through H2O Heroes? I learned a lot about myself throughout the different missions. Some were good things, and some were things I need to work on. Some things I learned about myself are I need to be more patient with people and technology, I can adapt to new people and programs, and finally I can be a good teammate and help others be one too.
What do you think are the top three qualities a team needs to be successful? I think the top three qualities a team needs are flexibility (not the stretching kind), focus, and responsibility. I think these traits because altogether, these traits will equal a good and classy product. People would need flexibility because if a project fails or gets deleted, you’ll need to be flexible and be able to create a new project (this happened to me). People will also need to be able to focus because if you can’t focus, you won’t be able to have a good project and you’ll have more homework. Last but not least, you’ll need to have responsibility. You have to be responsible because you have to do your work and not come up with some lame excuse like I forgot what my question was.

Do you think your team was successful? well, I can't say yes or no. Some missions, my team was incredibly successful. Others not so much. I personally think the missions we were most successful at were the missions we had the best project idea, like our flippagram and pic-collage, which was one project. the ones we weren't as successful at were the ones where we didn't do a fun and cool project. this effected us because we were engaged in the fun projects and worked harder, and we weren't very engaged in the not so fun projects.
This is my H2O heroes reflection.

forces and motion reflection
Quarter 2 Science Reflection
Quarter 2 Reflection
What did you enjoy about the forces and motion unit? Explain
Did you like keeping a notebook? Explain
How did you do on your two science quizzes and one test in quarter 2? What do you plan to do for test/quiz preparation in quarter 3?
Did you have any missing assignments in quarter 2? What do you think is the reason for that?
What did you enjoy about Gravity Cruisers? Why?
What did you find challenging about Gravity Cruiser? Explain
What are your strengths as a team member?
What are you most proud of in science in quarter 2?
Please add a photo or video from your quarter 2 work

1. I enjoyed being able to plan and create experiments. I am a very creative person, so I liked being able to use my creativity in class. This helps me learn and collaborate with others.
2. Yes, I actually really liked keeping a notebook. I helped me jot down my ideas quickly. Also, it forced me to be organized, which is something I need to work on, so I got a lot of learning out of it.
3. I did pretty good, since I studied. I will plan and remind myself to study for an upcoming test. This will help me be physically and mentally prepare.
4. Well, at the end of the quarter I had no missing assignments. But during the quarter I had a few. Sometimes I get unorganized and forget things. But as soon as I saw them, I fixed them.
5. I enjoyed designing the car. I liked figuring out the problem, and trying to figure out a way to solve it, and make it better.
6.i found collaborating hard. Some people in my group did not want to communicate, and sometimes we just yelled and talked over each other.
7. My strengths were being able to feed off of everyones ideas. When someone said " let's put the lever here," I would say " yeah, and put the wieght here so it will unravel the string this way!" I could do this pretty easil, because someone's idea would make me thing of something like that.
8. I am most proud of having NO missing assignments. I tend to forget a lot of things, including reading my planner, so I don't remember some things. I was really proud of being able to look at PowerSchool and not seeing any missing assignments. This says that if I focus, I can do it.

Gravity Cruiser Finals