Alex Barnes quarter 2 Reflection

What did you enjoy about the forces and motion unit? Explain
I enjoyed the Phet Lab moving man experiments. I enjoyed them because it was fun and interesting to figure out how everything worked. It was sort of challenging at the beginning and that's one of the best parts.

Did you like keeping a notebook? Explain
Yes. I liked keeping a science notebook because it helped me keep track of things and be more organized. I also liked being able to doodle and decorate it.

How did you do on your two science quizzes and one test in quarter 2? What do you plan to do for test/quiz preparation in quarter 3?
I did pretty decent on my tests and quizzes last quarter. Next time, I will use more of my free time for studying so I can get higher scores and good grades.

Did you have any missing assignments in quarter 2? What do you think is the reason for this?

No. I checked the wiki every night and recorded homework in my planner so I would not forget it.

What did you enjoy about Gravity Cruisers? Why?
I enjoyed the challenge of having to mmake up our own ideas just by using tw different gravity cruisers as mentors. It was really fun seeing how others think and listning to their ideas. I think our gravity cruiser was successful most of the time because my group and I combined all of our ideas to make one big one.

What did you find challenging about Gravity Cruiser? Explain
I think something challenging about gravity cruisers was that sometimes when someone came up with an iidea it wouldn't work well and we had to figure out why. Sometimes when something didn't work, we could figure out was wrong in an instant. Other times, not so much.

What are you most proud of in science in quarter 2?
most proud of the perfect score on one of my tests. It made me really happy and I aced it because I was confident and got what everything meant on the test.

Please add a photo or video from your quarter 2 work