My favorite memory at camp was when our group went to the gym at night and did very fun activities. You had to roll a dice and what ever number it lands on, we go to to that station with the number we just rolled from the dice. It was super fun. Even our cabin leader (Mr. Davis) had fun as well. We had to climb our own Everest at camp. We had some difficulties that occurred at camp like when Cameron, Daniel, and I canoed together but we ran into the other groups all the time so we had to figure out ways not to bump into anyone. So what we did was one person paddles one and the others paddle the direction and to stay away from the other groups. That was our problem solving technique. Another Everest that I had to climb was when I had to hold a huge cockroach. I was way out of my comfort zone. After I held it, I had a disgusted look on my face but it wasn't that bad at all. I learned that I could hold a snake without getting creeped out, I could make a lot of new friends at CAMP, and I was able to cooperate with people who are new to me. I learned a lot more about the Joberts Team. Some people are very calm at school but were very hyper at the camp. A good leader looks like a person who isn't mean to others, cooperates well, and can outcome any challenge without giving up. A good leader will always be able to climb their own Everest. Being a leader is a good thing, not a bad thing. When a person has a good idea that just pops out of their head, they want to be heard by other people but if it is too noisy then no one will hear...besides the person who is right next to the person yelling to tell everyone. So what we have to do is everyone taking turns talking one by one. This is a good way and it is much faster and easier. When we get frustrated with your team then first cool down and tell what you are frustrated about your team but tell it calmly. Don't shout beep cause it makes everyone else scared. When some is feeling bad and everyone else is happy, that's not fair. Everyone should be treated equally. If you see anyone like that then help them right away and tell the team that to enjoy with the sad person. That makes you a great leader.


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