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Ainsley N's camp
My favorite memory from camp is the reptiles and amphibians class. In that class we learned the difference between reptiles and amphibians,the different species of reptiles and amphibians, fun facts, and much more. We also got to hold some of the animals, like a tiger salamander, an eastern box turtle,and a corn snake. I even put a snake on my neck!
Even though everything was fun some things were scary. some were putting a cockroach on my nose,swinging on a rope to another platform and holding a tarantula.
I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love snakes. I also learned that I can make new friends easily and I can do many thing if I just try. I learned a lot about the Joberts team too. Like how the girls have very creative ideas, everyone is super funny, and they are so helpful.
I now know what a good leader is from experience. In my cabin there were many great leaders. A good leader is some one who can guide people. Not just some one who can take charge, but someone who can lead people in the right direction. A leader isn't some one standing at the front of the line,it's someone helping people get in to the right position. A leader isn't someone barking orders, it's someone listening and modeling for others.
Some kids have loud voices and others have quiet voices. When we were doing some of the activities the kids with the loud voices usually took charge. But some of the people with quieter voices had great ideas too. So I think we should raise are hands if we have an idea and take turns talking. That way we can hear everyone's ideas.
All the classes were at some point frustrating. Like when we couldn't communicate. So we had to find strategies to not get frustrated. One of the best strategies was letting everyone get a turn to talk and not shouting over one another. That way even the people with quiet voices or the people in the back will be heard and there won't be as much shouting and frustration. Some people, when they get frustrated, people's feelings get hurt. So when we see some one with hurt feelings we should comfort them, but not make a big deal about it. Because some people get embarrassed when everyone makes a big deal about it.
We also had some special guests from Mrs. Shera's class. Their names were Olivia and Paige. They participate in our activities a lot. We could include them more by inviting them to play and do activities with us. We could also be nicer to them so they'll be our friends. That's what I learned at camp.5 camp b.jpg