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As you know, every Monday there will be a 'Mixed Review Quiz' covering concepts from the past year. When you get your graded quiz back, you are to do a practice sheet for each of the questions or concepts that are marked wrong so that you will be ready for the next quiz the next Monday. Here are directions for finding these practice sheet and a tracking sheet so you can mark off what you have mastered. If you have questions on the practice sheets or questions on your quizzes, please see me before they are due the next Monday and before you are then given a new quiz :) Quizzes with corrections and completed practice sheets are due each Monday.

Volume 2

Unit 1 Integers
MM's Blendspace for Integer activities

Unit 2 Practice Test

Unit 9 Statistics
IQR quiz

Mean Median and Mode

Algebra Games:

Buzz math code


Unit 5 Math Games

Ratios - Intro Game
Ratio Matching Game
Ratio Blaster Game
Dirt Bike Proportions
Thinking Blocks Game
Ratio Rumble

Unit Rate Practice Game
Converting Measurements Games